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"A step towards justice": as report shows Hazelwood Mine Fire likely to have caused deaths

By Priscilla Moca December 9, 2015, 10:39 am

Some long-awaited answers for Latrobe Valley locals, as a report finally shows the Hazelwood Mine Fire was likely to have caused deaths.

Voices of the Valley President Wendy Farmer told PRIME7 News it was a hard-earned step towards justice.

"We fought hard, we got knocked back and told we were stirring up trouble but we always knew our research would be proven correct," said an emotional Ms Farmer.

"I'm relieved, and it's a step forward, but justice hasn't truly been served until the people know such a terrible thing will never happen again."

Ms Farmer said the next step is to address those who are still sick.

"If you have mortality, it makes sense you'll have people who are still getting sick because of the same thing," she said.

"That needs to be addressed urgently."

Ms Farmer said the State Health Department needs to correct their fact sheets on the health impact of the fire, and send them to local doctors.

"There's still so many issues in our community caused by the fire, but now that it's been acknowledged it can't be ignored."

Voices of the Valley is also calling on Worksafe to investigate the sort of environment workers were subjected to at the GDF Suez-owned coal mine.

"If the community is affected, the workers certainly would be.'"

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