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Thalia & Bianca (Group 2 - TAS)

January 15, 2014, 9:24 am

Flying the flag for Generation Y, Thalia and Bianca love shopping, travelling and sport. And while both are single, the savvy pair don't have time for boys.

They're the babies of the competition, but University students Thalia, 21, and Bianca, 20, believe teams who underestimate them will be making a big mistake.

"A lot of people are leaving their small kids or a big job, but we don't have much to think about leaving behind," says self-assured Bianca.

"I think we're very experienced for our age. And I think it's an advantage in some ways because a lot of people aren't open to criticism if they've been cooking for 20 years."

Both growing up in "foodie families" in Adelaide, the girls met in Tasmania when Thalia transferred to Bianca's school in Hobart in Year 7.

"We went to school together, then Uni. We've also worked together and traveled together," says Thalia proudly.

The fresh-faced duo started cooking together following a gap year in Europe.

"We ate our way through Europe," laughs Bianca. "That's where we started cooking more and talking more about food together."

Regular trips back to Greece to visit Thalia’s father in Crete (her parents divorced when she was 18) have only sharpened their skills.

"Our specialty is Mediterranean food because Thalia's half-Greek," says Bianca.

Adds Thalia: "It's what I've grown up eating and what I feel most confident about cooking. I go to Greece every year for a month and Bianca usually comes with me."

Both Bianca and Thalia live at home and cook for their families in exchange for board.

"Other people have to vacuum but my mum is like, 'Cook dinner!'" says Thalia.

Deferring their university degrees to compete in My Kitchen Rules – Thalia is studying Psychology and Bianca is studying Business and Science – the school friends also threw in the towel at their part-time job at the local fish and chip shop.

With dreams to start their own business together in the food industry, Bianca reasons: "Uni will always be there. We can be mature-aged students."

"We're both obsessed with online shopping," says Bianca, her eyes lighting up similarly to when she talks about her passion for cooking. "We love going to Sydney and shopping at TopShop and Zara."




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